Biomimicry Discovery Cards


What am I?

People had invented many fasteners. But people wanted a strong fastener that was easy to get off quickly.

I have small, strong hooks all over me. They attach to plants or animal fur. This is how I spread my seeds. 

An inventor noticed how I stuck to his clothes. He studied me under a microscope. He copied my design to invent Velcro.

 I am a thistle burr.


Thistle burrs and Velcro are just one of many ways that nature has inspired human invention. The field is called Biomimicry and its included as part of the Next Generation Science Standard for first grade.

My Biomimicry Discovery Cards are a perfect way to discover biomimicry with your students.

These fun full-color infinitely-folding origami cards present biomimicry inventions in the form of a riddle.

The Temperate Forest kit is available as part of my Trait Mountain lesson plan or as an individual kit. The other biomes are each available as individual kits (sets of 6). You can also purchase all the kits in a Combo Pack.

These are perfect for in-depth exploration of biomimicry or as extension to your ecosystem, habitat and biomes units!

My individual kits also provide online resources for your students. You will receive the URL and QR code for each online resource set with purchase of the product. Click below to view demos of the online resources.

Biomimicry Discovery Cards Resource Demos: