STEM Discovery Cards

What am I?

San Francisco has lots of hills that are hard for people to navigate. Andrew Smith Hallidie saw horses pulling streetcars in San Francisco. But the drivers were cruel to the animals–causing injury and death.

I have no engine. I grip a cable that winds around a wheel and pulls me along the street. A gripman drive me, braking when needed. A turntable turns me around at the end of my line.

The streetcar horse suffering inspired Andrew Smith Hallidie to invent a new type of vehicle. He invented a system with cables pulling cars up and down San Francisco’s hilly streets from a powerhouse.

I am a cable car.

Cable cars are just one of the many innovations developed throughout human history as people drew on science, technology, engineering and math to improve the human experience.

My STEM Discovery Cards are the perfect way to help your students explore distinct STEM innovations centered around a geography.

These fun full-color infinitely-folding origami cards present STEM inventions in the form of a riddle.

The San Francisco and Monterey Bays kit is my first of many coming kits in this series. Each kit highlights six STEM innovations from a specific geographic location.

Kits are perfect for in-depth exploration of STEM innovation and a great extension to social studies units corresponding to my kits.

Each kit includes an online map for your students. You will receive the URL and QR code for each online map with purchase of the product. Click below to view demos of the online maps.

STEM Discovery Cards Resource Demos:

  • San Francisco and Monterey Bay STEM Discovery Map | Buy now!
  • Coming soon:
    • Washington, D.C. National Mall Series (anticipated September 2017)
    • Washington, D.C. Off-the-Mall Series (anticipated October 2017)