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Lose the hassle with easy prep. Use STEM Root’s science lesson plans for your K-5 students.

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  1. Select a unit from the variety of STEM topics below.

    You’ll find STEAM arts-science integration in every unit. If you’re following NGSS, they even align to NGSS standards. After purchase, just download the file and unzip it.

  2. Review the lesson prep.

    All themed STEM Units include easy-to-follow lesson plans. Review your materials and complete any prep listed in the left-hand column.

  3. Spend your time teaching.

    With lesson plans covered, focus your efforts on what you do best. Every lesson plan includes:

    • ✔ computer presentations (PPT)
    • ✔ engaging multimedia interactives and games
    • ✔ printable worksheets and labs (PDFs)
    • ✔ STEAM activities
    • ✔ motivational activity
    • ✔ assessments, and
    • ✔ rubrics.

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