Ascend Trait Mountain

Ascend Trait Mountain

I’m thrilled to announce the release of my latest lesson plan—Trait Mountain: a three-week unit designed to teach your K-3 students life science concepts of traits, survival and biomimicry.


Preview Trait Mountain

I’m a native Oregonian. The grove of Douglas Firs behind my home teams with sword ferns, mushrooms and blackberries. Blueberries, strawberries, and raspberries and thrive in my backyard. And we frequently site white-tailed deer and hear owls hooting at night; turtles, newts and fish flourish in the creek nearby.

The flora and fauna surrounding me in the Great Northwest are inspiration for this thematic lesson plan.

You’ll find that flora and fauna also abound in the forests of Trait Mountain. Along the trail to the summit, trail markers highlight where to explore plants and animal parents and offspring, animal survival traits and biomimicry inventions.

In this course, you and your students will:
  • Discover how plant and animals parents are similar to—but not exactly like—their young with computer interactives and two hands-on labs.
  • Discover Trait Mountain fauna—white-tailed deer, black bears, great horned owls, western pond turtles and more—and how these animals exhibit survival behaviors to protect their young.
  • Discover how Velcro, road reflectors, radar and more were all inspired by nature—and the exciting field biomimicry.
  • Engineer a biomimicry invention and design a never-ending origami riddle card about it.
  • Create patchwork landscape in the style of American folk art that depicts the survival elements needed to survive in Trait Mountain’s backcountry.

Download this comprehensive, interactive and engaging lesson plan in my TpT store today!


Preview Trait Mountain

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