Biomimicry Discovery Cards

Temperate Forest Biomimicry Discovery Cards

Opt Into My Growing Bundle

Exciting news! The original Temperate Forest Biomimicry Discovery Card Kit is now part of a growing bundle! These never-ending origami cards are riddles that introduce students to the many ways that biology inspires innovation.


Watch my Biomimicry Discovery Card Demo

I created the original set of 6 Temperate Forest Biomimicry Discovery Cards as part of my Trait Mountain Lesson Plan.The temperate forest cards are available separately.

Each kit includes:

  • 6 biomimicry discovery cards inspired by nature
  • Links and QR codes to two online interactive games corresponding to the kit.
  • 1 My Biomimicry Discovery Card template for students to create their one card


Preview Temperate Forest Biomimicry Discovery Cards

Now with More Sets

These cards are just too much fun to create!

I’ve now released a new set of 6 inspired by the sea: Marine Waters Biomimicry Discovery Cards.


Preview Marine Waters Biomimicry Discovery Cards

Throughout 2017, I’ll be adding about a set per month–for a total of 8 biomes:

  • Temperate Forests
  • Marine Waters
  • Desert (anticipated April 2017)
  • Tropical Forests (anticipated May 2017)
  • Grasslands (anticipated June 2017)
  • Freshwater (anticipated July 2017)
  • Tundra (anticipated August 2017)
  • Taiga (anticipated September 2017)

Opt in now to get in on early on the entire series!

Buy the Biomimicry Discovery Cards growing bundle in my TpT store today!

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