Biomimicry Discovery Cards Biome Bundle is Complete!

Temperate Forest Biomimicry Discovery Cards

Buy individually or as a bundle

The Biomimicry Discovery Card Bundle is complete with my latest additions.



> Preview Biomimicry Discovery Cards Biome bundle


Buy all 8 sets and save or purchase individually. In each set of 6, students explore these real-world inventions inspired by nature:

Temperate Forest Biomimicry Discovery Cards

  • Thistles and Burrs and Velcro
  • Birds and Airplanes
  • Cats Eyes and Road Reflectors
  • Bats and Radar
  • Forest Floor and Carpet Tiles
  • Maples Seeds and Drones

Tropical Rainforest Biomimicry Discovery Cards

  • Butterfly Wings and Display Screens
  • Chimpanzees and Medicine
  • Gecko Feet and Adhesive Tape
  • Jungles and Farms
  • Orange Peels and Packaging
  • Snakes and Earthquake Rescue

Desert Biomimicry Discovery Cards

  • Desert Beetles and Water Bottles.
  • Cartwheeling Spiders and Rough-Terrain Robots
  • Locusts and Anti-Collision Systems
  • Saguaro Cacti and Architecture
  • Termites and Office Buildings
  • Tumbleweed and Desert Robots

Grasslands Biomimicry Discovery Cards

  • Bees and Appliances
  • Bluebirds and Lasers
  • Green Leaves and Solar Energy
  • Kangaroos and Skin Protection
  • Moths and Solar Panels
  • Prairies and Farms

Marine Water Biomimicry Discovery Cards

  • Coral Reefs and Cement
  • Jellyfish and Jet Propulsion
  • Humpback Whales and Wind Turbines
  • Mussels and Waterproof Glue
  • Nurse Sharks and Ship Wraps
  • Ocean Pout and Ice Cream

Freshwater Biomimicry Discovery Cards

  • Fish Schools and Wind Turbines
  • Kingfishers and Bullet Trains
  • Lotuses and Water-Repellant Fabric
  • Mosquitos and Needles
  • Wetlands and Water Treatment
  • Whirlpools and Water Tanks

Taiga Biomimicry Discovery Cards

  • Paper Wasps and Condos
  • Mushrooms and Power Plant Condensers
  • Wood Frogs and Antifreeze
  • Orb-Weave Spiders and Windows
  • Scots Pines and Cars
  • Peregrine Falcons and Jet Engines

Tundra Biomimicry Discovery Cards

  • Arctic Springtails and Crops
  • Arctic Squirrels and Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Arctic Willows and Buildings
  • Mountain Goats and Hiking Shoes
  • Owl Feathers and Fans
  • Seals and Windbreakers

Each kit includes:

A closer look

View the video below for a quick peek at how these origami cards guide students in discovering connections between nature and innovation.

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