Desert Biomimicry Cards Are Here!

Buy individually or as a bundle

The Biomimicry Discovery Card Bundle is growing with my latest addition: Desert Biome Biomimicry Discovery Cards.


Preview Desert Biomimicry Discovery Cards

In the latest set of 6 Desert Biomimicry Discovery Cards, students explore these real-world inventions inspired by nature:

  • Desert Beetles and Water Bottles.
  • Cartwheeling Spiders and Rough-Terrain Robots
  • Locusts and Anti-Collision Systems
  • Saguaro Cacti and Architecture
  • Termites and Office Buildings
  • Tumbleweed and Desert Robots

Each kit includes:

  • 6 biomimicry discovery cards inspired by nature
  • Links and QR codes to two online interactive games corresponding to the kit.
  • 1 My Biomimicry Discovery Card template for students to create their one card

A closer look

View the video below for a quick peek at how these origami cards guide students in discovering connections between nature and innovation.

Opt in Now to Save

Buying at the bundled price saves on each set your purchase! Plus, you pay the three-set price today and acquire the additional sets as they are released throughout 2017.

The entire series is designed as follows:

  • Temperate Forests
  • Marine Waters
  • Desert
  • Tropical Forests (anticipated March 2017)
  • Freshwater (anticipated April 2017)
  • Grasslands (anticipated May 2017)
  • Tundra (anticipated June 2017)
  • Taiga (anticipated July 2017)

Opt in now to get in on early on the entire series!


Buy the Biomimicry Discovery Cards growing bundle in my TpT store today!

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